Terms & Conditions

To ensure the safe delivery of your shipment and the safety of our passengers, please review the following regulations regarding Skyways Cargo Express

Delivery Commitment:

Skyways Cargo Express ensures on-time delivery of packages on all expedited service levels. However, the delivery commitment may change for reasons including but not limited to the following: Carrier shall not be held liable for loss, damage or delay caused by:

- The act or default of the shipper or owner

- The nature of the property, or defect, or inherent vice therein.

- Improper or insufficient packing, marking and labelling as set forth herein

- Loss or damage to express shipments that contain undisclosed prohibited items.

- The liability of the company is limited to Rs. 100/- per Kg; in case of destruction or loss of item.

- Accidents, breakdowns, bad conditions of the roads, or other cause beyond the control of the carrier.

- Delivery at a non-agency destination or closed station, under constructions of the shipper

- Difference in weight or quantity caused by shrinkage, leakage, or evaporation. The death, injury, or escape of live express.

- All the shipments which are not collected within 15 days will be disposed off and company will not be held liable for any loss.

- The Act of God, public enemies, authority of law, riots, strikes, perils of navigation, the hazards or danger incident to a state of war, or occurrence in customer’s warehouse.

Inspection notice & Packing:

- Shipments will not be accepted for transport if inspection is refused.

- Every package must have a shipping label on the exterior stating full name, phone number and address of the consignee and of the shipper.

- The carrier does not assume responsibility for fragile items packed with clothing, linens or paper (crumpled or otherwise), which do not constitute packaging materials, and will not adequately cushion or protect fragile items.

- Loss or damage to express shipments that contain undisclosed prohibited items.

Prohibited Items or subject to special conditions of acceptance:

The carrier does not accept or transport express shipments which because of character, size or weight, are dangerous for the passengers on board, or which are liable to cause injury to personnel, to the baggage, or to other shipments, or to the vehicle of the carrier. Furthermore, the carrier will not accept or transport any item, material, or substance, the possession of which or the transportation of which is unlawful.

- Fireworks

- Acids

- Batteries, Electric

- Explosives

- Flammable materials

- Fuel Tanks (Used)

- Gases in Cylinders

- Hazardous Dangerous Materials

- Hazardous Waste Materials

- Nitrogen

- Radioactive Materials

- Poisons

- Items Containing Liquid Acid

- Jewellery

- Guns

- Ammunition

- Alcoholic Beverages or Liquors

- Animals heads or live

- Antiques

- Paintings in Frame with Glass

- Dangerous goods or material which are subject to the transportation of dangerous goods regulation.

- Money (Coins and Currency authorised as a medium of exchange by a recognised government, including Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, Credit or Debit Cards)