Types of Terminals & Stops

With multiple destinations across Pakistan, there are lots of places you can catch a Skyways bus – not just at our official terminals.

Skyways Locations

There are two types of places where you can get on or off a Skyways Bus. Skyways Terminals and Partner Companies Terminals, Curbside stops.

Skyways Terminals

We have 70 Skyways Terminals (at the time of writing, at least) across Pakistan. At these terminals you can catch your bus and also buy tickets

  • These are terminals with Skyways Branding that are operated by the Skyways Staff or Representatives
  • Some of our Terminals are part of larger transport centres (like Islamabad Bus Terminal) where you will find a Skyways Ticketing Counter and waiting area within the location)
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    Partner Terminals

    We have partnered with many other bus lines all across Pakistan which helps us in extending our routes to more destinations. Therefore, Skyways buses sometimes stop at Terminals and other locations which belong to our partner companies, or locations operated by some agent.

    These Bus Terminals belongs to our partner bus companies. You also see the branding of Skyways at some of partner companies’ terminals. You can buy the tickets at these locations and can board at all of them. The facilities and opening hours will vary depending on the size and location of the station

    Rest Stops and Meal Breaks

    During the journey, the bus will make some scheduled stop so that you (and your driver) can get off the bus and have a break.

    Rest Stop

    A quick break (around 20 minutes) to stretch your legs, use the toilet or have a smoke break. Rest stops are at

    designated service areas along highway, motorways, places like Petrol Station, or a Skyways Terminal

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    Meal Stop

    Usually around 30 minutes – enough time for the passengers to get a meal from a fast food restaurant along the route.

    As the name suggests, this stop is somewhere that definitely has food.
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    When you need to get off one bus and onto another, we will stop at a Skyways Terminal (or, occasionally, another partner station)

    for your transfer. The time you will wait depends on the schedule you choose. However, you will need to take your checked baggage with you to the next bus yourself.

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